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by Unthunk

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Through stranger's eyes Together in our breakfast nook, We scan the Sunday news. Familiar rattles, shakes and flicks Against the radio. 
 Our weekends all unfold like this, Sunk into ritual Our routine so predictable We have no need to speak. 
 I can't remember anymore How you appear Through stranger's eyes. 
 I saw you in the restaurant, Looked like a business lunch. Your hands up-raised, two birds in flight, Wide avid eyes between. 
 You dived to scoop from shared dessert, Then paused to make your pitch. The mousse a-tremble on your spoon, Your gaze was holding his. 
 I caught again forgotten glimpse How you appear Through stranger's eyes. 
 Remember when We lit that spark? First faced to face, Background erased Daring to bridge the arc? Soft as the gleam In phosphor swell The circuit closed Fresh current flowed Full through each others arms. 
 You sat before your vanity. The door was left ajar. Your gaze, so deep into the glass I couldn't recognize. 
 And when you fiddled with your hair And touched so soft, your throat You seemed to be making a plea Beyond the mirror's plane. 
 Too clearly then I understood How you appear Through stranger's eyes.
Meander 04:38
Utter 1 02:22
Utter 2 02:38
Utter 3 03:25
Utter 4 03:55
Utter 5 04:14
Utter 6 04:13
Utter 7 03:36
Utter 8 03:15
Utter 9 02:59
Cat's perfume My wool and silk disguise the she-wolf hid within. With granny cap and bustle, sheath the wild and raw, Tuck in protruding nose and ears, conceal the curves. 
 Retreat from glaring eyes and curiosity Spare those who cannot help but be consumed with lust, Who misconstrue and stain the pure as prurient. 
 Shrug off the hide Unbutton threads Unhook the stays and ties 
 To rush headlong down shadowed forest path, Let crowding undergrowth scratch up my legs. Lungs rasp, rough tongue lolling loose Between slathered canine fangs. From rock to scarp ascend, Then loose the long pent howl. 
 A cat’s perfume disguises mermaid hid within, A dab of earthy musk to mask the waft of fish. Modestly cloak wet slipp’ry flesh, conceal the tail. 
 Retreat from glaring eyes and curiosity Spare those who cannot help but be consumed with lust, Who misconstrue and stain the pure as prurient. 
 Unclasp my pearls Shell buttons, loose Release the whale bone waist 
 And wade with slow sure steps into the surf, Foam sucking at my calves, wet knees, and thighs: Brute shock, bitter penetrates. Hold still, thrust, a graceful plunge. Stroke deep ‘till lungs crave air Then burst up into light. 
 Restored unto my nat’ral shape, Head fizzing, crawl up desert shore. Let dry in peace my clean-washed flesh, Then wrap afresh in meek disguise, Soft silk and wool, with crimson hood.


The album is anchored by the multi-movement instrumental, Utter. To provide some balance - put some vegetables and parsley on the plate, as it were - it has been surrounded by three simpler pieces, two of which are songs.

The two songs are pop-oriented, while the main piece ranges from sixteenth century polyphony to post-rock. The other instrumental has a somewhat folkish flavour.

The music features electric and electronic as well as acoustic instruments.

For detailed information go to unthunk.ca/item/utter/


released March 20, 2020




Unthunk Bowen Island, British Columbia

Unthunk merges ancient chamber and current popular music: modal polyphony with modern instruments and lyrics. unthunk.ca

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