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by Unthunk

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Alinda 00:24
Burble 03:13
Courtship 04:08
This party, what a joke Supposed to be the big night of the year My classmates, all spiffed up Pretending to be cooler than they are There’s Rudy, what a rake Big, brand-new gob of product in his hair White collar, turned it up He thinks that goofy dance makes him a star Squished elbows, pushed aside I’m back with pale wallflowers in a row Stage central, who needs it Look at my watch, make like its time to go Wait! What’s that… foreign body? Moves like he’s off in a world of his own Stares at me, pins my eye He seems to know I’m at the dance alone ~*~*~*~ Chorus: He draws me in The closer, the stronger Its dangerous The closer, the stronger He draws me in Can’t stand it much longer I’ve got to shuttle off Before I burn up ~*~*~*~ Still staring, makes approach The dancers dive and tumble out the way So courtly, takes my hand Floats me unconscious out into display He pivots, turns around Deer headlight moment: how can I react? Plunge forward, face to face Prepare for an embarrassing impact Last moment, bob aside Ape Rudy ‘till my wits return again He’s laughing, breaks the spell Can I such ridiculousness sustain? I got this, play the game Keep him off balance at a safe distance Keep weaving, circle ‘round His gravitation powers my defence ~*~*~*~ Chorus ~*~*~*~ Just keep it moving – spin it around When he pulls in slingshot off and rebound You’re nimble, – you can move as you please If he’s too close swing off on your trapeze ~*~*~*~ Instrumental ~*~*~*~ Chorus
Wobble 00:21
Jupiter 03:08
Tumbler 01:19
Perturbation 06:40
Those fascinating neighbours down the street, Impromptu at the mailbox, did invite Her and her spouse for dinner date tonight: The first time for all four of them to meet. She has spent hours combing through her clothes and scents and jewelry. Laid on the bed, He sees them as a divination spread, Portentous, such a strange outfit she chose. A minor flurry to get out the door, Already frisson crackles in the air. Bouquet and wine in hand, off they venture Into the suburb jungle, keen aware Of creeping cats, lush shrubs at dusk. He rings To face what fates the looming evening brings. Invited in with eye contact too warm and close, he feels his balance twist awry. Expected host to chatter neighbourly. Instead, the hostess smothers him in charm. Host suavely waltzes wife, with fingertips Onto the deck, he gestures while they chat, Has broken her reserve, no mean feat that – A rare, delightful laugh escapes her lips. The hosts disarm their guests with subtle skill, From pairs, to four-way conversations shift, Then gather close, to finger-feast their fill. The babble swells, their clinking glasses lift: As hostess bids them rise up from their chairs, Convene in mist and bubbles under stars. Meticulously dressed, offhand and calm, His wife slips off her clothes, slyly descends Into the cyan steam, to her new friends, Insinuates among them with aplomb. Warm-floating three look back, and he’s undone. Enticement tugs against his reticence, Once-stable world careens off its axis. Stark frozen, clothed, he’s now the naked one. Suspense dangles too sharp, he must react. Raw trembles fumble his response. Take flight! Cast off all history to keep intact. He flings himself, distressed, without foresight, Without a plan, to tumble through the void, Oblivious how his life was destroyed.
Escape 00:34
Whirligig 03:17
Return 05:52
Verse: Adventure exotique, At first it was a dream: To circle ‘round the globe, Constrained by no routine. From midnight clicking heels On cobbled Paris streets To sci-fi avenues In scorching Dubai heat. Her confident ascent Spun out so easily A storybook career Achieved elegantly. ~*~ Chorus Another city Another apartment To place her luggage in Another assignment, Promotion, A new post, a new life to begin ~*~ Verse: But in these empty hours, Her retinue dismissed, Without a confidant, She feels herself adrift. Now, perched on cafe stool Absently scrolls her phone No friend available, She sips her tea alone. This sense of floating loose Unsettles, where’s that pull All earthly creatures feel, that makes life meaningful? ~*~ Chorus Another cafe Another neighbourhood, To work and relax in And new acquaintances, To befriend, Someone will invite her to join in ~*~ A draft of air perturbs Her thoughts. Through open door Her one-time lover steps, Then halts on seeing her. She must have dropped her jaw Because he mimicked it: The jolt could not constrain A spark of their old wit. She thought her outward arc Had left their past behind. Instead it’s rounded back, They are still intertwined. ~*~ Chorus: Another return Another rotation Back to the beginning A new situation A reset, A new start, connection returning
Twiddle 03:04
Nest 07:31
Imperious, austere, It shimmers overhead, The spark-set dome, Fringed by the tossed tree tops, Cave-black, while we crunch through Late winter snow on moonless night. With motion scarce perceived, Sky wheels a westward drift. Against its pace, We’re but a feathered flit Half-glimpsed among dark trees In breaking light, while it rolls on. Cling to the edge Of hurtling orb Through stark and chill of space. Hold tight but for a moment more; Its all the time we have. At last we stumble home, Knock boots on cabin steps. Shuck off our coats, Unbundle and flop down. Gaze into well-banked fire: A corridor of pulsing coals. Snug burrowed in our nest, We intertwine Two separate orbits. It feels as though we have A boundless swath of time To share, before the hearth grows cold. So small, so brief, This tenure here; Our ancestors, amassed, Mark but a flickering against The celestial machine. The morning songbird chirps: Beyond beyond beyond… Eventually, The momentary poise Of vast machinery Will drag, decay, wend out of phase. Until a loosed orb smacks, With unforgiving force, Into our own, Smash both the worlds apart. Cleft chunks reverberant Soon harmonize a new order. So still, peaceful, It seems again. No warbling disturbs Smooth motion, balanced perfectly: Will roll forever on.


The night sky is awe-inspiring in scale and complexity. I’m fortunate to live where light pollution is limited, so its splendour is readily available. Recently, I have been prompted to see it with fresh eyes, on discovering the celestial mechanics phenomenon of orbital resonance.

Gravity does more than just allow a body, say the Moon, to balance in orbit with another, the Earth. It also affects multi-body systems, and can lead to harmonic relations among them. These interactions are boggling; their relationships cycle on huge time and distance scales.

Harmonic resonance examples are easier to grasp by shrinking them down to human scale. By speeding up orbits from periods of many years to a few seconds, some harmonic resonant patterns suggest musical harmony.

Elliptic is a group of pieces derived from examples of harmonic resonance in our solar system. The synthesizer has been very helpful, as heavenly bodies are wont to settle into patterns that human bodies balk at. In addition to rhythmic drones and sequences, some instrumental pieces include hand-played parts. There are also four songs, with words that place harmonic resonance in a human context.


released October 6, 2022

LJ Monteney - vocals
Buff Allen - drums and percussion
Trevor Tunnacliffe - other instruments




Unthunk Bowen Island, British Columbia

Unthunk merges ancient chamber and current popular music: modal polyphony with modern instruments and lyrics. unthunk.ca

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